the greater storybook

is a story.

A comic about a nameless boy in an infinite forest. Animated and illustrated via tumblr and twitter. I won’t talk about it too much because I would really prefer you read a bit of it.

boy in woods

-Video environment for The Greater Storybook

-A single moment is relived, re-experienced, and re-imagined five times over as Little Boy opens up an ominous egg to reveal the bewildering contents within.


the singing shore

-Fifth Chapter in The Greater Storybook

-Little Boy departs forest, but must confront monster.

the wordless tome

-Fourth Chapter in The Greater Storybook

-ThornKing attempts to rescue Little Boy from his egg-prison.

an ancient nocturne

-Third Chapter of The Greater Storybook

-The ThornKing attempts to teach Little Boy what the universe is made of, and that he is made of different “stuff”.

glade of thornking

-Second Chapter of The Greater Storybook

-Antics ensue between the Boy and a Monster, and result in an ominous chase up a Tombstone Mountain.


the hallowed wood

-First chapter of the Greater Storybook

-A boy wakes in the midst of white nothing, and it just kind of goes from there.    like a dream.